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Amy Wurtz Headshot 3_Photo by Alain Milo

Alyson Berger and Amy Wurtz have been part of Chicago's new music community for over a decade.  After years of crossing paths on various concerts they decided to combine their talents to perform the contemporary music of this classic duo of instruments.

Amy Wurtz, pianist and composer

Amy was born in California, and began studying piano at the age of six. She started writing her own music at the age of sixteen and went on to study Piano Performance and creative writing at the University of Redlands before completing dual Master's Degrees in Musical Composition and Piano Performance at the University of Minnesota.

Alyson Berger, cellist

Alyson is a native of Long Island, New York and began studying cello at the age of 7.  From a very early age she knew that music was the career path for her.  She studied Cello Performance at Ithaca College and in Kansas at the Wichita State University.  Since moving to Chicago she has been an active recitalist and teacher and is a founding member and former board member of Access Contemporary Music.

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